SOLVED - Speaker Stats and Dominant Speaker not working


I have an unstable install of Jitsi which is working fine except for Speaker Stats and Dominant Speaker indicator not updating and changing.

The blue dominant speaker icon does not show and the active speaker screen does not change. The last person to join the conference is shown on the main stage. Does it mean simulcast is not working also as active speaker is not reflected in the stage?

Additionally Speaker Stats remains at 0 for everyone in the conference.

jicofo Version: 1.0-524-1
jitsi-videobridge Version: 1132-1
prosody Version: 0.9.12-2+deb9u2

Where should I check? Thank you.

Here’s interface_config interface_config.txt (2.8 KB)

Here’s config file config.txt (6.5 KB)

You have “openBridgeChannel: ‘websocket’” in config.js. Have you configured your jitsi-videobridge instance with websockets?


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Hi Boris,

Thank you for your reply.

No, I didn’t configure jitsi-videobridge with websockets. I changed the config to true and the stats started working again.

Could you please shed some light on how these values (true, datachannel, or websocket) function for this config?