[Solved] Sharing screen and the audio of the App / Tab

Dear developers,

Jitsi Meet has become an important tool for teachers during last weeks due to the COVID-19 situation. As a teacher, I’ve trusted on this web to carry out my classes, but now I’ve found a problem.

As a music teacher, it would be really useful to have the possibility of sharing not only the screen but also the audio of my resources.

That’s why I write here to ask you please to find a solution as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

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That’s already possible with latest Chrome and latest meet.jit.si, you can share a tab with audio, small checkbox on the bottom says ‘Share audio’. Haven’t tested it myself but same should be available on windows and for apps.

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That’s wonderful!

I just check for latest updates for Chrome, then I share the Screen and when it shows you a window to choose which App / Tab do you want to share, actually there’s a small checkbox on the left-bottom it says “share audio”. I think I haven’t seen it before.

Thank you very much!

Yep, an update on Wednesday brought it.

@damencho Thanks for this feature! Just FYI it is only showing as an option for me with chrome tabs but not with other applications. Would be great to be able to the share audio from apps for music production teaching purposes.

Many thanks,

@Paul_Campbell Yes, I agree, but it is out of our control, it is up to the browsers to make it available.

i have a jitsi server , how can i add the audio share tab .?

The audio share check box is automatically shown, all you have to do is put a check mark on it. However having said that, I have an issue with mine, I can share the video and put a check mark on the share audio option but on the other participants of the room the audio wasn’t share only the video. Am I missing anything that I need to configure? Thank you.