- SOLVED-Sharing Application on Jitsi meet client (Electron) not working



  • Windows 7 last updated version
  • Jitsi meet Electron version 2023.2.0

I’m trying to screen share a specific application window, which funny enough worked for some time and now stopped working without appearing reason.

Checking the functionality with Chrome browser or getDisplayMedia works as well, showing all the different active applications.

When trying to share a specific screen, using the screenshare and ‘Application Window’, no entries appear, it is blank and using ‘Your entire screen’ works as intended.

I’m not hosting Jitsi, only using meet.jit.si and I’m not sure how I can fix this. I looked through my firewall entries but nothing special shows up.

Any suggestions are welcome at this point!

Hi there!

This has already been fixed, but the fix has not been deployed to meet.jit.si. It will work again once we update meet.jit.si.

Hi saghul!

Thanks for your quick answer. Funny that this worked some weeks ago, seems the changes have been made at meet.jit.si level then.

I’ll wait patiently for the update.

It’s working again!


Yep, Electron is exempt from the restrictions.