[SOLVED] Public ports for scalable JVBs?

When following the latest guide for scalable JVB installation, do each of the videobridges need to be publicly reachable, with something like nginx load balancing their traffic? Or does only a “main” JVB need to have a public port, with load balancing being handled automatically by the Jitsi stack?

In other words, in the guide’s diagram, is the arrow for 443 TCP / 10000 UDP pointing to just the first JVB? Or to all of them?

I ask because I’m unsure of how access to the extra JVBs will work for a Meet server with only one public IP.

Thanks for the help, and for all the great work!

Every JVB needs to have a public ip.

Alright, thanks!

The missing link was realizing that it’s the JVB that publicizes its IP & port, not meet. In my setup that only has a single public IP, all I had to do was pick a different org.jitsi.videobridge.SINGLE_PORT_HARVESTER_PORT in my extra JVB and open that port in my firewall. Now it’s working :slight_smile: