SOLVED - Problems with UDP 10000 and video/audio >2 ppl and Webmin

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a problem that I had with one of our Jitsi servers in relation to connecting more than two ppl with video and audio. I have two identical servers (different domains) one had Webmin installed.

The server with Webmin installed had the problem. After many hours of research and fiddling, I ran across this post:

I immediately uninstalled Webmin and rebooted the server. This fixed the problem … immediately.

I just wanted to put this post out as I see this kind of problem (more than 2 ppl = no video or audio) frequently on these forums. There are numerous causes of this problem mainly due to misconfigurations, but if you are running Webmin on your Jitsi server, try removing it as a first step before trying anything else?

I hope this helps to shortcut someone’s pain!


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