[Solved] Problem enabling Recording with Jibri

Post edit with no problem resolved

You have a syntax error in your config.js file.
Which java version are you using?

put comma after deploymentInfo { }


@Tanvir yes it was a silly syntax error. I corrected it. But now other issue has come up.

@damencho. After correcting the syntax issue in config.js , another problem is reflecting:

log file:

The error is saying, that there is no focus. Check your jicofo logs.
Use java8 for jibri and for the other projects.

I am not getting how to make focus working on the system. By default focus.domain is enabled even if alternative focus domain is disabled. Step by Step guidance is missing on config.json which values need to be matched with which values and in which file & path. I have no clue what username and password will be used in config.json and these are mentioned in which file? I have checked all the files and really don’t know what causing Focus not working.
If you can see into the files for correct values, kindly let me know.

Also there are alternative versions available for java, do I need to select “2” for java8?

Have you tried checking the logs of jicofo to see what is the problem?

Are you looking at jicofo.log?

Jicofo 2019-03-01 10:51:43.550 SEVERE: [12] org.jitsi.impl.osgi.framework.BundleImpl.start() Error starting bundle: null
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jitsi.service.libjitsi.LibJitsiActivator
	at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.BuiltinClassLoader.loadClass(BuiltinClassLoader.java:583)

This is error when trying to run with newer java versions. Make java8 default and try restarting and check the log again.

I check, also purged version 10 java11 and made java8 default. Still a problem exists.

Can you just tell me what username and password are needed in config.json in control_login and call_login? where can I match the credentials values?

Also this is the latest log of jicofo:

Is your focus working? Can you create a meeting with 3 people?

I don’t know the username and password which you chose for your jibri user while setting it up. From the readme https://github.com/jitsi/jibri

Setup the two accounts jibri will use.

prosodyctl register jibri auth.yourdomain.com jibriauthpass
prosodyctl register recorder recorder.yourdomain.com jibrirecorderpass

The first account is the one Jibri will use to log into the control MUC (where Jibri will send its status and await commands). The second account is the one Jibri will use as a client in selenium when it joins the call so that it can be treated in a special way by the Jitsi Meet web UI.

First make sure your jitsi-meet deployment is working, jicofo is running and you can open 3 tabs seeing the audio and video. Then try adding jibri.

Yes, Without enabling the filerecording, it was working fine. Yes, 3 users worked but having connectivity issues and I thought it would be due to slow Internet Connection. It never displayed Focus Error.

username : register for both the accounts and password as mentioned in tutorial. I have now changed these in config.json

You need first to fix that.

Then jibri@auth.yourdomain.com jibriauthpass are the values for the control muc.

yes it was working perfectly before installing Jibri. Also I have one copy of VM machine without Jibri Installation. I just test now. It’s definitely working without Jibri.

That I need to edit in config.json?
username: jibri@auth.yourdomain.com
password: jibriauthpass

???Is it?

"control_login": {
                // The domain to use for logging in
                "domain": "auth.yourdomain.com",
                // The credentials for logging in
                "username": "jibri",
                "password": "jibriauthpass"


"call_login": {
                "domain": "recorder.yourdomain.com",
                "username": "recorder",
                "password": "jibrirecorderpass"

Yes this is what I have already done. Don’t know why it is not connecting.