[SOLVED] OCTO Docker - moderator receives audio+video, 2nd participant receives only audio


I have a strange problem while trying to setup OCTO. Two machines, first main and JVB1, second JVB2. Everything seems to work so far in terms of: enabling OCTO per se, registering the second JVB to Jicofo with same Region1, working websockets to both JVBs.

I am using split region selection strategy and an external coTURN server for STUN/TURN.

Now I tried to test the setup from my laptop, Chrome with multiple tabs:

  • 1st tab: conference starter -> video and audio from both participants
  • 2nd tab: I join conference -> audio from both (hearing echo sound), but video only from 2nd tab (moderator is black)

In Jicofo log I can see that 1st participant went to jvb1 and 2nd participant to jvb2.

When I join a 3rd participant, it is as follows:

  • 1st tab: I see and all three participants
  • 2nd tab: I see only one, no video from 1st and 3rd
  • 3rd tab: I see 1st video and 3rd video

Audio seems to come from 3 participants, because the echo sound changes again. So it seems as if jvb2 is not able to receive video from first machine, but audio is somehow transmitted (or at least re-transmitted/mirrored or what).

What can I do to find the problem with video not being bridged from jvb2 to jvb1?


FWIW: I solved my problem.

It seems to be necessary to define in a Docker setup:

  • Octo bind adress to “”
  • Octo public address to “external IP” <- DON’T USE DNS NAME OF THE MACHINE

By settings everything to a concrete IP address, my videobridges began to talk to each other!

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