[Solved] No Audio / Video on Jitsi Docker

Hey People,

I must admit I am a bit at a loss what to do next. I installed the docker-jitsi-meet container in host network mode on a remote VPS running Debian 10. I am proxying the http port using HAProxy. I tried with iptables / ufw enabled and disabled, I tried hosting my own turn server and tried using he preset.

So what happens: I can connect just fine to the jitsi instance, clients can join the conference. But you can neither see the video or hear the audio of the others.

Strangest thing: neither the browser console, nor any of the docker containers seem to have any relevant error messages, in fact, the logs look as if everything is going smooth.

Frankly I have no clue how to debug this, any pointers? Are there some known “silent” problems that I should look into?



Im pretty sure is your nginx or apache conf.

Other thing you should check are the open ports

UDP 10000-20000


Only UDP/10000

I would generally agree, but like said:

Docker is running in host mode, and firewall is disabled, so jitsi has access to every port it likes, including 10000, 4443 and everything else. Access to the GUI works fine and clients can connect & join without error. But they cannot see each other’s video and not hear the audio.

Have you checked your .env file??

IP address of the Docker host

See the “Running behind NAT or on a LAN environment” section in the README


Yes, I have tried that, although i am not behind a NAT and not connecting via LAN, the host has a real IP. Still I tried both, setting the public IP and not setting it.

Ok, restarting the server seemed to have solved the issues. Thanks everyone for the ideas.