[solved] Nginx listening on port 443 without config?

i installed jitsi on a naked ubuntu 20.04 server installation and it works fine.
i am just curious about the following:
nginx is listening on port 443 (netstat -tulpen shows it). but in configuration files of nginx there is only port 80 and 4444 configured???

root@video:/etc/nginx# grep -ri listen *|grep -v "#.*listen"
sites-available/video.domain.de.conf:    listen 80;
sites-available/video.domain.de.conf:    listen [::]:80;
sites-available/video.domain.de.conf:    listen 4444 ssl http2;
sites-available/video.domain.de.conf:    listen [::]:4444 ssl http2;
sites-available/default:	listen 80 default_server;
sites-available/default:	listen [::]:80 default_server;

i thought i am an experienced linux admin, but i didn’t saw this yet.

Its on the module in /etc/nginx/modules-enabled. There is an 60-jitsi file that get that configuration. It listen to a strem over 443 and based on the header changes to 4444 or 4445.

It get my crazy too, because if you see the logs of nginx you will see all the connections comes from

perfect, thanks! now i see it and wonder, why grep didn’t find it. well, that are links. :wink:
should have used grep -R … to find that file.

thanks a lot!