Solved...Need to delete old meetings

I am using jitsi meet on an Android tablet. I saw this question posted in a 2018 post, and at that time there was no way to delete old meetings from the app. I am wondering if that has been fixed?

I have not been able to find anything in the forums regarding how to delete old meetings.


Wenn ich deine Frage richtig verstehe:
Bei mir funktioniert das mit “Anfassen und nach links rausschieben”.

MfG Peter

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Vielen danke für deine hilfe.
It worked!!

Einfach genial. Ich habe Stunden verbracht, um mehr oder weniger höchst-kompilzierte Lösungen zu lesen - dabei ist es doch so einfach. Danke - hat mir sehr geholfen. *****

We work with Jitsi desktop. So far I can‘t find a way to delete old conferences. Do you have suggestions?

Thank you, Eifelsache. For those who speak English but not German, I used Google translate - this is what worked on my Hudl2 Android tablet (I’m using app version 20.2.3, which I believe is the latest):

Select the ‘meeting’ and slide to the left. You will see two options: Info and Delete. Selecting Delete will delete it instantly (there is no confirmation screen). Selecting Info will bring up a screen showing various access phone numbers for a number of countries, plus a PIN, which presumably would enable an audio link for those who can’t use the internet.