[Solved]NAT STUN ICE4J traffic goes to private IP address intead of public one

Hi All

My setup (single server), Multiple and separate networks.

Jitsi ( => NAT => Internet => NAT => WEB client (

All set according to docs.
-NAT-ed port forward goes to TCP 443, 4443, UDP 1000 (ICE4J).
-LetsEnrypt cert issued up and running.
-Additional lines added to config acccording to advanced setup internal and external ip filled.

STUN traffic on WEB client trying to acsess Jisti’s private IP showing up in wireshark dump. What did I mess?

JVB log.
JVB 2019-04-19 17:30:24.829 INFO: [10815] org.ice4j.ice.ConnectivityCheckClient.log() Pair failed: -> (stream.RTP)
JVB 2019-04-19 17:30:24.850 INFO: [10815] org.ice4j.ice.ConnectivityCheckClient.log() Pair failed: -> (stream.RTP)

Need to know if any other setup or config required to run/setup ICE4J and have PUBLIC IP in STUN message on client side.

Thans in advance

This is normal. If jvb and the client are in the same internal network the traffic will go directly through the internal Network because of this behavior.

Please read again and watch. Client and server not in same network.

Reply to myself with solution below

Additional SPACE character reqiured like this:

Started to work…