[Solved] Mobile Browser - Audio and video User denied permission to use device(s) error

Hi, I accidentally denied permission to use devices when I joined a meeting on my phone over my phone’s browser, and I can’t find a way to give permission back. I have looked in jitsi’s settings, cleared the phone’s browser cache and restarted the phone, but whenever I try to join a meeting I get the same error. How can I give jitsi permission again?

@daal39, Welcome to the community!

Yes, there is a way to correct this. Here are the steps for Chrome on an Android Pixel device

  1. From the home page/meeting page, click on the lock in the address bar:

  2. Tap on site settings

  3. Tap on the settings you need to update

  4. Unblock access, then reload the meeting page

Hope this helps!

Thanks. I never would have found the solution if you hadn’t showed me…