[SOLVED] JVB octo stats : how tow calculate the real number of conferences


With octo conferences can be split into multiples JVB instances.
Stats like conferences or octo_conferences are related to the current JVB.
Is there a way to catch the real number of running conferences, wherever they are hosted?

you can get this info from jicofo: curl -s http://localhost:8888/stats | jq -r .conferences

You misunderstand my question, I’m with Octo where conferences are split between multiple JVB.
So one conference with 4 users can be split into more than 1 jvb. If param Jicofo to loadbalance participant, and you have 2 jvbs, then your one conference will be split on the 2 jvbs, and conference stat on each jvb will say : 1; so sum of the 2 jvb will say 2.
And if you have 4/5/6 jvb that is getting worst and worst : conference stat do not mean anything anymore.

That’s why you should get the stat from Jicofo, not from JVB. Jicofo does the load balancing across multiple JVB’s, and knows this is only a single conference and stats it accordingly.

Stats per JVB you get on the JVB itself (when enabled) through http://localhost:8080/colibri/stats

stats for all conferences you get from Jicofo on the signalling node via http://localhost:8888/stats

Ok Jicofo … I miss it in my first reading !
Thanks a lot.