[Solved] Jitsi Switches at buddymeet - configuring feedback

Hi everyone.

I don’t seem to find a way to tweak the buddymeet jitsi implementation.

What I’d like to accomplish is to push out a mail (or direct to website) for feedback after every video conference etc.

Is there anyone who could give me a hint please?


@beenee7 Welcome to the community!

If you are hosting your on Jitsi Meet server, you can redirect people after the meeting to a custom page that could send them to a survey/website (or any other content).

See this post for details:

Thanks Corby,
that’s why I haven’t found it. Now setting up an own Jitsi Server.
I guess if I implement the right URL into BuddyMeet this should run more efficient and is more scalable then the WP included Jitsi Install…
Thanks a lot, this Prob is solved :slightly_smiling_face: