[SOLVED] Jitsi Meet: No video and audio for participants

Hi I just hosted jitsi meet on my own server. Installation was successful and I can access the link and create rooms. When someone joins the room, I cannot see their video and i can’t hear any audio, same goes on their end, they cannot see my video and hear any audio from me. Permissions are enabled on the browser, I can see my own video feed. Chat is working fine.

Any ideas how can I fix this? Thanks

Welcome to the forum.

In this order:

  1. Check your firewall rules; make sure the ports are not being blocked
  2. Check to make sure all necessary ports are open and forwarded appropriately. Pay particular attention to port 10000/UDP - make sure it is open and forwarded appropriately
  3. Check the Advanced configuration section of the Quick Install Guide for additional configurations you may need to do.

this solved my problem. Thank you so much!