[SOLVED]Jitsi-meet Local Recording Not working


I am having issue in localRecording to work in jitsi-meet. I get blank screen in jitsi landing page.

/etc/jitsi/meet/domainname-config.js the following syntax is mentioned.

// Local Recording
localRecording: {
enabled: true,
format: ‘flac’

jsconsole.log (1.5 KB)

  1. I have mentioned "localrecording’ under TOOLBAR_BUTTON

Kindly suggest if i am missing something.

Most probably you have syntax error in any of the config files. Often people forget to add a comma before the element they had added.
You can get more info if you open your js console in the browser and check the error there.

Thanks Damencho added a comma before the element it works. I could download my recording. To enable recording with video what needs to be done. Please suggest.


There is no local video recording. You need jibri for video recording.