[solved]: Jitsi Meet Electron (2.2.0): screen sharing is disabled on Jitsi Meet nightly build / how to enabling external API?

Dear All,

  1. screen sharing function is not working with JM nightly installed on cloud server (vultr.com), however working smoothly using meet.jit.si server (see screenshots below)
    Would be grateful for any suggestion…

  2. for the JitsiMeetElectron URL setting (enable the external API on my own JM instance):
    I would be grateful for a code example how to set this correctly.

(the screen sharing issue is clearly related to Jitsi Meet Electron, because connecting to my own instance (nightly build) with Chrome the screen sharing works).

kind regards, MS

Jitsi Meet Electron 2.2.0 using own instance:

same Jitsi Meet Electron 2.2.0 using meet.jit.si:

Yes I am facing the same issue as well.

After performing today an update on the server the problem is solved now!
thanks a lot!

best wishes, MS

Hi Mr Smith,

Request you to kindly share what update did you perform, will try to replicate the same.

I logged into my jitsi meet server via Putty:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

(I have no idea which nightly build version fixed the problem as I did not update for 2-3 days)

electron app was also updated to 2.3 (it has automatic update)

I was testing also the latest 2.3.0 Jitsi Meet Electron app with screen sharing,however the issue persisted.
Only the following server update solved the issue, therefore I assume that the server was the reason.

@Mr_Smith I’m facing a similar issue. When I run the app with the command “npm run start” I can see the Desktop Picker component correctly, but after packaging using “npm run dist” command, it looks exaclty like this:


Any ideas?

Honestly, I don´t know.
I am not too advanced with terminal commands, in my case the server update solved the issue on my side.