[Solved] Jitsi kicked the session with two participants

I installed Jitsi with the quick install guide on GitHub.
The installation was very easy on Debian 10 and everthing is running well, till the second participant hit the room.

Jitsi said:“Something is wrong. I will restart the session in 30 seconds”. It is a never ending loop till one of the participants will left the room.

I’m new with Jitsi, i have no idea how and where i can start with the analysis to find the mistake. The logs:


shows no error. A browser change has no effect.
Any idea where i can start?

Maybe first check the js console for errors And paste them here.

Sorry, and how?

In chrome there is a Developer Menu -> Javascript Console.

  1. With beginning of a session, i see my video (from myself).
  2. With entry of the second participant, the console shows one error:

2020-04-08T17:01:14.011Z [conference.js] <X._onConferenceFailed>: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.videobridgeNotAvailable

  1. I restarted all services with: systemctl restart nginx.service jicofo.service jitsi-videobridge2.service

But without success.

Check your jvb config. There were some problems with Debian 10 and the packages, which we believe are now fixed on latest unstable. If you don’t have a problem re-installing, you can try:

echo 'deb https://download.jitsi.org unstable/' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-unstable.list
apt-get update
apt-get purge jitsi-meet jitsi-meet-web-config jitsi-meet-prosody jitsi-meet-turnserver jitsi-meet-web jicofo jitsi-videobridge2
apt-get install jitsi-meet

This will bring you to the latest packages of everything, which soon will go in stable (by the end of this week).

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Thank you very much, this was a good hint. Jitsi is still running now.