[Solved] Jitsi in a lan network with firewalls and no internet access


We installed a fresh jitsi stable 8218 with docker in an firewalled environment (flows from clients to the jitsi server are opened (8443/tcp + 10000/udp)) and no Internet access.

Unfortunately we’re unable to share screen (a black screen is presented to other parties).
I noticed p2p is used when sharing content, if that’s the case then it could explain our issue as flows between clients are filtered, is there a way to force a direct connection to the server only ?

I also noticed an error message sent every minute in the jvb container :
java.lang.Exception: Address discovery through STUN failed
I guess the reason is that the server is unable to reach the STUN servers from google, our server have no public IP, could it be a problem?
Is there a way to disable STUN resolution? I found some article but they are quite old and none seems to fit the current configuration files.


You can disable STUN in the JVB with the right env variable, check the yaml file i think it was JVB_STUN_ENABLE or something like that.

I was able to disable the usage of p2p modifying ENABLE_P2P=“0” in docker-compose.yml
JVB_DISABLE_STUN=“1” solved the STUN error messages.

Thank you Saghul, I confirm it’s the right option, thanks

You should be able to keep P2P enabled if you want, it should work if both endpoints are in the local LAN at least.

it was not working, clients are not able to reach each other, this network is a bit secured