[SOLVED] Jitsi docker across different interfaces

In my location I have a guest network that is completely isolated, it is only connected to the jitsi server on interface eth0. The jitsi server is also part of a LAN with internet access on interface eth1.

The goal is to stream to all guests from the jitsi server but not give them access to our internal network or the internet (security concerns, legal concerns, …). But at the same time I would like people from the internal network connected through the interface eth1 to be able to join conferences too.

Currently that doesn’t work.
In the docker .evn the internal IP is always the docker container IP and the public IP is the one of the interface. So if I set the public IP to the IP of the guest interface eth0, all guests work great but every client connecting from the internal LAN through eth1 will not receive any video and will crash eventually (I think they even crash the whole jitsi network).
Same problem if I change the public IP to the interface eth1, then the guest network doesn’t work.

How can I make this setup work?
Is it possible to define multiple public IPs? Or can I use multiple jvb instances? (because afaik you can use multiple jvbs for load balancing but clients from one network wouldn’t be able to connect to the jvb of the other network)

Did you try to set as the gateway for network

Didn’t try that yet. Will do.
And then both networks should be able to use jitsi? Which public IP should I use then in the docker config? The or

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Awesome, this works great! Thanks a lot!
I’ll mark this topic “solved”