[SOLVED] Jigasi does not answer incoming calls

hey really thanks for your help, so in the dat. file it should be the password in cleartext ?

sorry for the stupid question…

@Freddie you are definitly right with your guess.

So i have just tried something, i have deleted the jigasi user and registered it new user.

command was: prosodyctl register jigasi auth.meet.example.com password
this worked fine, after this have enabled these variables:


Now am i still not able to connect, xmpp connection failed same error as before

What could cause this issue is maybe the configured LDAP authentication at prosody, so i have tried to use my AD account on this, but still no luck

If am i right, i should be able to logon via the jigasi user to the meeting, but this is not working because its no ldap account

so i guess it has todo with the ldap authentification which is setup.

Do you have this user in your ldap?

hey @damencho, actually not, shall i add it?

Kindly Regards


@fabian_s I could be missing something, but I think you’re mixing two things up.

So, there’s the authenticated Jigasi user account which is the one you referenced previously. The password for that account should be in base64 in Jigasi properties.

Then there’s another user account which is necessary to let Jigasi enter the room if you’ve required authentication. And that’s the one you reference here. I would recommend naming the user something else so it’s not confusing.

Since you’re using LDAP for authentication, this user account will need to be created in LDAP.

hey @Freddie thanks for your reply, i had added the user jigasi to our LDAP enviroment just right before your answer and it finally worked!!
@damencho and @Freddie thanks alot for your help, i hope other users will learn about it!

does this thread need to be closed?

I’ve marked it as “solved”.

hey guys, i know this thread is solved, But I am still struggling with problems.

If i try to call out i get the problem that the number can not be invited, i do not see any logs in jicofo or jigasi, i guess it has to do with jigasi that is sending the wrong port to the sip provider, the sip provider is using 5064, i added to the config this:( but i guess this is only for registration but not for dial out)


just fyi call in works fine.
just dial out from jitsi is not working.

I found another thread where @damencho has give the hint to uncomment the line


i have done it, but still no luck

the only log i can i see is in the development tool in chrome but its not really say anything.
on the sip provider i see the sip signalling is happening with 5060 , how can i change it?