[solved] Jigasi allow incoming call only, disable outgoing calls

Hi all,

I have setup jigasi and it’s working fine, using a hardcoded default room for incoming calls.

Is there a way to allow only incoming calls, but disable outgoing calls?

My jitsi-instance is public without secure domain, and I want to avoid having to pay for other people’s phone calls.


you can remove the invite button by removing it from interface_config.js. You should also be able to configure your phone system to prevent outbound calls for that extension.


Have you configure it with mucs, then just remove the muc definition. If you are using component you can pass --nocomponent=true


in /etc/jitsi/jigasi/config this will stop connecting to the xmpp server and no outgoing call is possible, but incoming should still work.


@speedy01 Thanks for the suggestions to remove the button. I also thought about blocking outgoing calls in the settings of my sip/voip provider, but only after writing the post!

@damencho Thank you! I’m using component. I tested the option, and it works as you described.

Now I’ll have to see which of the options is more suitable for me.

Have a good one!

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I only want speech to text ( transcription ) from Jigasi not what sip call.

I have already did noncomponet=true but it’s I’m can see dial out option when I click on share button in the mobile application.

How to remove this thing I just want to share link.