[Solved] Jibri sometimes keep running ffmpeg recording

I have the same issue as mentioned in this post.
Also, it has been noticed that after disconnecting the call, jibri keep recording the blank page e.g. if the recording starts for a session of 20 secs, the recorded file will be of 30-40 sec in which the last extra secs are blank and avatar is displaying(no video) in the background. so it makes double the size of the actual session. But not a big issue when we have TBs of disks.

But the big issue arises when jibri failed to stop the recording and doesn’t allow to restart, or shutdown the VM. When I forcefully stopped and closed the VM machine, and later checked the sie, it was merely 48 bytes but it occupied 2.5GB space. I don’t know where the raw has been saved and from where to delete it.

If Jibri is not explicitly stopped, it takes some time to detect for certain that the meeting is empty and then leave on its own.

Please include logs.

What if Moderator/Admin who has started the recording, with other 3 users, leave the session…will recording be continued as meeting is not over? Because 3 other users are still in the meeting room.
Will it be terminated as soon as sson the Admin leaves the meeting who initiated the recording?

I will include that…

@bbaldino Here is the log

jibri this time failed to start the recording:

Jicofo logs:

Around the Time 09:40

Moderator should end the call before leaving the room, as he started it when joined the room.
AFAIK, as @bbaldino has said, it will take time for jibri to “know” that everything is over.

If people hang around, then the recording will continue, don’t worry you can always go back to the room and stop the recording in case you forgot. :laughing:

It has happened to me at least twice.

@rishabhchd19 same thing I have experienced. For the recorded file you can check the path mention in your config.json for “recording_directory”. You will find the recorded file with a blank screen only.

@Ark74 I have tested with a single participant who eventually is a moderator.
I have raised the issue here with some observations.
Kindly check.

The Jibri logs show a successful recording start, can you include Jicofo + Jibri logs from the same error scenario?

@bbaldino…I needed to put the service to STOP by sudo service jibri stop .
Here’s the Jibri logs as well:

Jicofo logs are already there

But where does it starts recording in the raw format? From where can I delete raw output?

@harish …we are NOT facing blank screen only issue. In that case, I believe there’s something missing from your end while installation and probably a scenario of low resource allocated to the machine. In the beginning, I faced a similar issue but allocating more RAM to my VM, it started working. Because machine with low resource failed to initiate some tasks and not accepting any commands due to busy schedulings, it was neither terminating nor recording any video, giving blank screen and few bytes of file size only …but that happened only once. After that I checked my recordings, videos were playing successfully.
What I have done is …I Used 2 separate machines for that …because jibri consumes a very large CPU, RAM and DISK usage…I migrated the Jibri to the machine having HDD and allocated 4GB RAM, and recordings path moved to another machine( through internal folder routing ) having SSD so that recordings would have ample of transfer bandwidth.

Now I will try allocating upto 8GB RAM and migrate jibri to SSD machine because I think initiating commands finding difficulty running on Slow Disks and recordings can be done on HDD only. It keeps disks busy while initiating session so I will migrate to SSD and I believe these problems would be solved.

Looks like it was an issue with ffmpeg, need those logs as well.

If you’re asking where the recording goes, it’s printed in the logs:

2019-03-28 09:41:00.330 INFO: [37] org.jitsi.jibri.service.impl.FileRecordingJibriService.() Writing recording to /var/log/recordings/uvsenfkxidvpfujg

It comes from a field in config.json:

Just to clarify, even with 2GB RAM VM dedeicated for jibri I am able to record. This blank screen issue I mentioned when Jibri is not able to stop ffmepeg process and conference is already closed.

@bbaldino…yes I know…but I found 48byte file only … don’t know how it got filled with 2.5GB… Jibri started showing strange behavior and disk starts dynamically allocated the space. It got stabled when I switched off the machine forcefully.

I will upload it shortly.

That i will check too :slight_smile: n let you know …But what I believe is you need more than 2GB RAM and atleast hybrid or SSD. I will change resources and let you confirm shortly.

What do you mean by this?

Like this one

0 bytes

Here’s the ffmpeg log
ffmpeg.0.txt (4.6 KB)

and it consumed 400Mb somewhere…May be file format is not written directly and a raw file is written somewhere else…

Do you think jibri installation with dependencies & samba can only make this much of Image size? As much I know it was somewhere 4GB …and it kept occupied when recording begun. Currently there’s no file.

But however I would like to give a clean test on this by making some changes in resources allocated to the VM. @bbaldino what I think is either there’s a prob with ffmpeg or resource allocation by VM because it keeps running disk on command keeps it busy and most of the times commands for stopping jibri or halt the system doesn’t work. If you find any problem with logs, let me know …yesterday it was working fine

Problem resolved by allocating RAM and migrating VM Machine to SSD…even hybrids also works well… JIBRI uses high CPU, RAM & low latency disks.

But new problem detected- On leaving the room and terminated the Jibri recording, the Jibri Machine keeps relaying data.

on 23:29 onwards the recordings were tested and 23:32 all rooms were left by terminating the jibri recordings…but from 23:32 to 23:37 i.e. for 5 mins. the data kept transmitted from Jibri machine and Jitsi Machine received the data. I rebooted the Jibri Machine at 23:37 to stop the data transmitting from it to Jitsi machine.

Jibri session didn’t terminate correctly this time :smile:

I’m not sure I follow what you mean. Can you elaborate? What is “the Jitsi Machine”?