[SOLVED] How to show Conference Duration in jitsi video call

We have installed the jitsi on our server(ubuntu) and installed the SSL certs for the subdomain, All things are working fine, But when call is in progress, No time duration is showing. Any help to show in the video screen?

Which prosody version do you use?

Thanks @damencho for the quick reply.

Ohh Shit!! It is Version: 0.10.0-1build1
How I can update to the latest one? is that affect my previous installation?
See screenshot of my config for jitsi.

Here you go - [How to] How do I update Prosody?

Thanks @Freddie let me do that.

After update, Video call stopped. :frowning:
“message”:"RTCStats unsupported browser.
No video call. Any help?
@Freddie @damencho

What browser did you test with? Try Chrome to rule out browser restrictions.

I am using Chrome for the web.
and Android to Android Video calls as well. Both have issues.

my interface config says

OPTIMAL_BROWSERS: [ 'chrome', 'chromium', 'firefox', 'nwjs', 'electron', 'safari' ],

What’s the output from dpkg -l | grep jitsi? Also, did you restart services?
Share your cfg.lua file.

I have fixed the issue by updating the storage to memory for the next two places.

Thanks @Freddie @damencho for the quick fixes :slight_smile: