[SOLVED] How to enable multiple videobridges

it could be, over than nginx where should I swap the certificate?

@jcfischer I had solved thanks to the great help @jcfischer gave me, I’ve updated the first post to show immediately the solution.

Thanks all for the grat community help!

@jcfischer I’d suggest to add the great @flyinghuman tutorial in guides reference.

this should not be neccessary; can you try delete this section

component_ports = { 5347 }
component_interface = ""

and proof that it still works?

the problem was the missing

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correct, it’s unnecessary

Please suggest on how we can set the alternate JVBs .
I followed the instructions at this link -> jitsi-meet/wiki/jitsi-meet-load-balancing-installation-Ubuntu-18.04-with-MUC-and-JID

All the steps in this tutorial mention about configuring the video bridge instance. But does not set the list of JVBs in the master jtisi-meet server. Could someone suggest how we can do this?