[SOLVED] How to clear jitsi-authentication data

Hello. I have enabled internal authentication and I can successfully login doing the same. My question is

How can we clear the login data from the browser via. jitsi settings ?

What is happening is, after a successful meeting, when the host logs back in the jitsi portal, jitsi doesn’t prompt the username password required dialog box. I guess this information gets stored somewhere.

Is there any setting which clears this data from jitsi itself ?

You can clear localstorage for that site. Or if you want it global you can disable that from jicofo config and then everytime a username and password must be used.

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Worked for me.

For docker implementation, add the line below in /root/.jitsi-meet-cfg/jicofo/sip-communicator.properties


and restart the jicofo container.

Thank you @damencho