[Solved] How to avoid name change?

I am sending email information as the names of the children in the class and also removed “profile” and “settings” buttons from interface_config.js ; but they still found a way to change their names…
I think they double-click the small video window and edit the name there

Is there a way to avoid them to change their names?
(It is a quick install)

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any suggestions?

I think that there is no easy and reliable way. Maybe you could hide the menu item in the overflow menu with css. It would not buy you much since people can also setup their nick before connecting, and if you hide it also from the web site they can use the Electron client. You could add also the lobby feature and only accept nicks that you know and eject dark_vador or users like that.
Another possibility could be to develop a prosody hack to block presence messages when the user has already a nick. I have absolutely no idea if it’s even possible and if yes if it’s really easy or a nightmare.

Yes. If you are hosting your own server and have minor experience with CSS, you can easily implement the following:

Add the following custom CSS to your deployment:

    pointer-events: none !important;

To get started, follow the steps I outlined in this post: Change Text on Initial Page (Home)

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Thank you corby, It works exactly the way I want it

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