[Solved] How to access a File Content at a Path instead of Seeing a New Call Started

I have recently set up a Jitsi server and its working fine. But I have a small issue, I need to do IOS Deep link with my App and want to put “apple-app-site-association.json” file at “/var/www/html” directory. For example
https://call.roomco.com/apple-app-site-association” should show a json file, but it starts a new call with the name “apple-app-site-association”. I just want to see the content of the file instead of starting a call. Can some help please?
Its not related to IOS I am just wondering, how I can place some file to be accessed at a path instead of starting a new call.


You need to add a mapping for this in your Nginx site config. Unless specifically mapped everything after the base url will be created as a room.

Edit your /etc/nginx/sites-available/meet.example.com

Add something like this near the alias for config.js:

location = /apple-app-site-association 
        alias /var/www/html/apple-app-site-association.json;
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Perfect Answer, After doing this, Only have to reload the server with the following command, and its done.

sudo systemctl reload nginx

Thanks a lot.

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