[Solved] Glog/logging.h not found in iOS development

with POD install and integrating JitsiMeetSdk , it able to download dependencies but show error in Folly>Glog>>glog/logging.h not found. I tried even third party glog and searched lot on the engine but didn’t find a resolution.

What Xcode, nodejs,POD Swift and SDK version need to be worked upon? I want to use Jitsi App as it is downloaded from repo at github

Xcode 10.1, Node 10, npm 6, CocoaPods 1.6.1.

Have you installed all the pods with pod install ? https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/mobile.md

yes. using mojave with xcode 10…so on getting an error i upgraded the mojave as well as Xcode to run…still getting error. even podspecs path were also correct and files were stored on correct path. I believe I will require to get a fresh Installation from GitHub again. Thank you.

the problem seems solved…got build on iOS after clear installation…haven’t try on devices yet but seems will work with source code. :+1: