[Solved] Follow an iterative approach of changes to source

I have a deployed jitsi-meet server on my domain installed from apt packages.
Now I want to do some changes in the source code and want them to reflect them in the domain.
I searched this forum, and it says that only thing I need to do is replce /usr/share/jitsi-meet to my local copy of changes and there’s no need to copy node_modules folder.

I want to ask two things:

  1. There is no node_modules folder.
  2. I want to follow an iterative approach of changes, so what would be the best approach to do so? Do I need to make it again and again after making changes or what else?
    Please help me. Thank you.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I am completely new to this please bother with me
I have gone through this multiple times and I still cannot figure out some points.
I already have a deployed server having its own static IP where I installed everything from apt-source packages. Now I want to make some changes to it.
My question is…
Do I need to make changes to the files on the server, or to my local system and then export them to the server (I am confused I thought that’s what:

export WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET=https://your-example-server.com

And this developer guide, should I need to run it on my local system or on the server itself.


Read this reply. It may help you:

And also this thread:

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Thanks @corby for the help!
I got this :smile: