[Solved] Failed to access your microphone

When I go to https://test.webrtc.org/, I immediately get an error, but grant permission for my camera and microphone:

Perhaps worth mentioning is that in that permission box by the URL bar, the dropdown-looking components don’t respond to clicks. I’m not able to select a device for microphone or camera. It fails to access the microphone:


A link to a report uploaded there: https://test.webrtc.org/report/AMIfv96Py_wfM06DY5U9bI7X7-jxsATv_rihItYgJvmZh1rXtY7CxW8CdYzkolclouLrRdIy8BhlQkHcPCsI3fwgd5-5DjigduC8i2dyF0zFD2rFlEcPxgT_keT3ShCY9PlXx1QuFx53esT_FS_5NHhgTLDEE2rnWg

When in a jitsi meeting I try to unmute, I get “Failed to access your microphone. Cannot use microphone for an unknown reason.”:


and my microphone is stuck muted:


All this is pretty pedestrian up to this point, but the interesting part is here: When I host a meeting on my own computer and attempt to join, I WAS able to use my microphone! In hopes that it would help, I upgraded all the software on my computer and restarted. Now I am not able to use my microphone locally anymore, too.

The console in the browser has these messages:

Please let me know what I should do to start addressing the problem, or if more information would be helpful, thank you!


Figured out the problem: I visited the microphone settings: chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone then selected the microphone I wanted in the dropdown (instead of “default”). As far as I can tell, this should not have affected anything :man_shrugging: