[Solved] Facing the issue while running release-sdk.sh

No, there is nothing to replace. Use the project as-is.

This what I did …in this i didn’t replace allprojects and any implementation. I used the project as it is. Got this error. But as you said, i will try with fresh clean master file once again. Thank you @saghul :slight_smile:

Make sure you make a release build and not a debug one, so the bundle is inlcuded and not dependent on the RN bundler running.

I am sorry…I got it …By release build you mean to say signed apk app with release variant and not debug. This is what I wanted to know whether to make changes in allprojects and dependencies after npm install or not and whether BUILD APK as app-debug.apk is correct or not. I will try and let you confirm shortly. :slight_smile:

Thank you @saghul…We can now simply build an app with default code comes bundled with master file when downloaded from github. Yup, there’s no need to alter any dependency implementation as RELEASE Build variant is working absolutely fine. Also changing in js files now reflecting in Release build.

Last query before closing this thread-

  1. How can we show Server url with our own?

  2. How can we change the String ‘Enter Room Name’?

  3. What makes changes and functionality changes when we change
    .setSeverURL(New Url(https://toourownserver))
    in jitsimeetconferenceoptions?

You can change it here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/react/features/base/settings/constants.js

If you are using the whole app instead of the SDK, you can ignore it.