[Solved] Facing the issue while running release-sdk.sh


I am facing this issue after going with NPM INSTALL

I am on windows and added environment variables for jq, maven and git but getting the error while preparing repo

Also, I get the error message in the studio “cannot run : scripts/run-packager.sh is not a valid win32 application”


Sorry, we do not support building under windows.


that means it will work in Linux?


Linux and Mac, yes.


There’s again an issue in Linux


why build is getting failed…can anyone help sorting out with this issue?


@damencho any clue?


I have never seen this one. Can you please try to build it as non-root? Also, have you run npm install first?


Yes I did npm install with npm -v 3.5.2 node -v 8.10.0


I have tried, again getting same issue. It says

Task :sdk:bundleReleaseJsAndAssets
warning: the transform cache was reset.
Loading dependency graph, done.
error Unable to resolve module js-utils/random from /opt/jitsi-meet/react/features/app/getRouteToRender.js: Module js-utils/random does not exist in the Haste module map


what is the npm and nodejs versions are you using for this? @saghul?


As the README states you need to be running npm 6 and Node 10.


Also, don’t use sudo, it’s not needed and will do you more harm than good.


if i don’t put sudo I get error message PERMISSIONS DENIED. Also the android Sdk folder is installed in root folder.


I installed npm 6 and node 10… Still getting same issue

what is the exact version you have tried upon?

These are the versions I am using


The output should be longer. Can you delete your current node_modules directory and try again?


I deleted several times…facing same issue again and again and now getting a new one on installing


This is the error I received when delete the node_modules folder and try installing without sudo.


You deleted the wrong folder. It’s not /node_modules but node_modules


I deleted using Linux UI later on … that’s not an issue…but the issue is with npm Install. even after installing nodejs 12 when i run the script from script folder, i get error message that Couldn’t found com.facebook.react:react native:0.59.5 required by the project