[SOLVED] End to end encryption on meet.jit.si not shown on latest Chrome, Edge and Electron app

Hi guys,

In the past I have noticed end 2 end encryption on meet.jit.si was working. Today I’m trying with latest Chrome, Edge, even downloaded the Electron app, the option is not there.

I also checked the experimental flags, though I’ve read in previous post that this is not needed any more due to some “origin trial” or whatever.

Anyone else having same experince?


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So you’re saying you’ve gone to chrome://flags and turned on Environmental Web Platform Features and you still don’t see it?

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, Exp. web platform enabled, but is it still needed? Also the Electron app is not showing anything.

Hmm…mm that’s weird. :thinking: It’s working for me. I just checked again and it’s working.

Yes, I also finally found it, I was expecting to be in the previous menu above speaker stats. I have also checked the security shield, but then I didn’t have the flags enabled, so I’ve missed it… Also in the blog posts that open from google search the old menu is shown.

So, then these flags are now mandatory? I wanted to use meet.jit.si for a meeting with non-technical user, just to give him link with a room, though i cannot instruct him to change chrome flags, would be too much. Is this going to change?

Otherwise thanks for the tips!, I would edit now the title.

Work is being done on this now, so it’s not really in production-ready mode. It should work with the Electron app though, without needing to enable the flags. Notwithstanding, if you’re just meeting with one person, you really don’t need E2EE as your meeting is encrypted by default in P2P mode.

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I was thinking in parallel the same for 1:1 meetings. Thanks for the awesome tips, again.

@Freddie now I observe that it started to work without manually enabling the experimental flag, but I guess due to the “origin trials”. Was this an expired token (6 weeks?), or this safeguard for 0.5% of global chrome page loads. I’m trying to understand if one can get some actual status on the latter two cases. It’s first time I hear about this technology.