[solved] E2ee option only visible using certain version of Jitsi Meet Electron (on stable Jitsi Meet server)

Dear All,
I have deployed my own Jitsi Meet server (on vultr.com) and recently updated to latest stable release.
The e2ee option is not visible on Jitsi Meet Electron (version 2.4.2) [first screenshot] but visible on Chrome Browser (insertable streams activated) and also with the Jitsi Meet Electron version developed by Freifunk München (2.0.34) [second screenshot] - any ideas what could be the reason?


Dear All,
after performing (several) reboots the e2ee option magically came back, everything back to normal!
Thx again to the devs for the great work, looking forward for the advanced e2ee options (fingerprint comparison etc).
kind regards, MS