Solved - Disable Simulcast?

Hey Community,

I am trying to disable simulcast because all of my meetings will be 1:1.

When I try to access the /etc/jitsi/meet/ file, it says permission denied?

What can I be missing, and what can I do?

Thank you, you are ever so helpful!


You need to either switch to root user or add sudo before the command you are executing(assuming you are opening the file from command line), like ’ sudo vi FILENAME’

Btw - This is a general question, not jitsi specific. You can easily find the answer by googling it.


I was noticing that it significantly reduced the call quality. However, that seems only to be when users are using the same network.

1-1 meetings shouldn’t have simulcast enabled, unless they go through the bridge (<- in which case it means you haven’t configured a TURN server, which means calls that can only go through TCP will fail, unless you’re enabling TCP mode in the bridge which is not recommended)

i was also struggling with resolution issues on a 1gbps network, disabling simulcast for all meeting in config.js somewhat solved the issue from 300kbps avg to 2000kbps avg out

This is definitely not recommended unless all your users are in the same network in a controlled environment. Without simulcast, anyone with less-than-pristine bandwidth will lose video altogether, instead of just requesting a lower resolution video. If you’re struggling with resolution issues with simulcast enabled, you probably have other misconfigurations.

i am running a dedicated host on aws and conduct webinar on an average of 150-500 users, the cloud machine is compute dedicated series, and have excellent network, after reading hundreds of posts on the jitsi community and outside i found the disablesimulcast option as untill now no other solution found was properly giving me results so please help me if not “disablesimulcast:false” then what can be the solution, also earlier when page was scrolled it loses clarity and gets quality gets ok when page is not moved.So Please help me with a working solution because every time i run a session in bad quality session i lose a few students

Well, disableSimulcast: false, actually enables simulcast. So if that’s what you have, simulcast is enabled.

my bad i mean disablesimulcast:true

Oh ok.
Run a test meeting with 3 participants (with simulcast enabled), then open your browser’s js console and see if there are errors. Share what you see.