[Solved] Disable Private Message Option


We have installed jitsi in a self-hosted site using SSH -> https://download.jitsi.org/stable/

We needed to do few customization like hiding private chat option and customizate chat UI in Web for now.

Below is the post which has information of hiding private chat using React.

First of all, in our jitsi setup we don’t have react folder to access the web components and if we really need to use react for modifying the UI component, then can someone please let me know what changes we need to make to integrate React in my jitsi setup.

Second, if we can do customization without react then how do I modify and access the UI component in Jitsi Web.

I have tried modifying the all.css file to hide the chat but its not working.
I referred the following link for css changes :

Thank you for your time.

Got it fixed.

Firstly I cloned the setup locally and then moved the files on server.

Then I referred below link for removing the private setup.

To be precise :

if (_isModerator) {
            key = 'privateMessage'
            participantID = { participantID } />

Happy Coding !!

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