[SOLVED] Deprecated videos stream results in a "yellow" screen

Hi all,

One of our users using a self-hosted Jitsit instance (stable 4966) shared an interesting experience indicated a deprecated receiving video stream ultimately ending into a static “yellow” screen. The user reported that the video stream started with “yellow flashes” in within 1 minute the screen was a static yellow. I do not have a lot of details as it was not reproducible and for can only indicate that Chrome (latest) was used on Desktop with 3 participants.

Note The grey box in the screenshot was added by me for privacy purposes.

Curious if anyone had a similar experience?

Yep I have it all the time when I have Snap Camera app installed and it is not running. You either need to uninstall it or use it(run it).

Thanks @damencho! Good to know that it is “just” a third party application that is interfering. Let’s hope Snap addresses this weird behavior.