[SOLVED] Creating an authorization module

Hello, I created my test authorization module mod_auth_mycorp.lua in the directory /usr/lib/prosody/modules
The module contains methods:

function provider.test_password (username, password)
function provider.get_password (username)
function provider.set_password (username, password)
function provider.user_exists (username)
function provider.users ()
function provider.create_user (username, password)
function provider.delete_user (username)
function provider.get_sasl_handler ()

well, at the end
module: provides (“auth”, provider);

set prosody logging mode - “debug”, and also made a request to the CURL methods to make sure it loads.

In the file /etc/prosody/conf.avail/my_domain.cfg.lua edited the authentication = “mycorp” parameter

Also added parameters:
VirtualHost “guest.my_domain”
authentication = “mycorp”
c2s_require_encryption = false

The problem is that when jitsi asks for a username and password - the provider.test_password and other methods are not called!

when I restart prosody my test method with cURL is executed, I see that the request has completed. But here the login and password verification methods themselves are not called!

Help me connect my authorization, what else do I need to specify?