[SOLVED] Conference leftover



Does anybody know what cause this problem?

So 2 days ago we check the vicon, and it works fine. Today we use the same room name (room1) and there are many connection left in this room.

note that this is only 2 person video conference.

Prosody bosh timeout issue?

That should not happen.

What is your muc configuration in prosody?

Browsers use bosh connection, which by default has 60 timoute, so if nothing had been seen for that period the connection and participant are removed.

Also I had seen such problem if muc has configured to have permanent storage and when restarting prosody and it leaves participants, but we explicitly set storage to null. Does restarting prosody fix this?


default, i’m not changing anything

and thank you, it already disappear when i restart prosody

I remember doing some configuration change on the server while the conference running, maybe that cause the problem. Just recently I try to remake the problem by editing interface_config file on jitsi-meet while doing conference, save the file, refresh the browser and yes, the problem happened again. then, i just restart the prosody, and become normal again…


btw, where can i edit the timeout? 60 is in minutes or seconds?


This is a standard bosh timeout in seconds and is respected both on client and server. You can control it using: bosh_max_inactivity: https://prosody.im/doc/modules/mod_bosh

But changing it on the server, make sure you change it on the client … You need to check lib-jitsi-meet and Strophe how to do that, there is no option currently for that.

Did you wait a little(60 seconds) to see whether those, we call them ghost participants will they disappear?


yes i wait, it did not disappear.


I’m from this post. I’m seeing the same issues.