[Solved]! Conference get crashed with users more than 3, not on p2p


Actually you are right, I must try with app. But ultimately I will have to allow the users to use web browsers only due to full ctrl from our side & business privacy and branding. At this time my team is not ready to roll out the App and test the cases. SO i will be totally dependent on web browsers. I will update this post in both Web Browser and App case scenarios. :slight_smile:


This is what I wanted to say. Same problem with APP also. Sometime Fallback also failed. Now will try in mixed device mode tomorrow so that console logs can also be generated.
JVB was working this time but had a problem on Same Network. I also enabled STUNTURN servers in P2P. Most of the time APP works flawlessly but in 5, there’s always 1 session when random error occurred and it starts giving the problem again n again until servers restart command is hit. I will try to reach to the exact problem when I will be using desktop and other devices with different connections and able to find console logs…

This time I got problem with p2p first time but previously I was getting same prob with JVB/Jicofo and fallback to these servers. I have shutdown the server now. Probably next morning P2P will work fine and start problem with jvb again :grin:


Ok @damencho… I found the root problem. The problem was Jicofo and Jvb loading when OS starts up.
So once the VM is initialized and OS stables at idle, it needs to restart the service in order Prosody>Jvb>>JiCoFo to cache and put the service into RAM properly. The problem is with starting with the OS and so restart needed once. Once the apps starts bridging and show more than 3 users, it can add more users on bridge without any problem.

The only issue with the browser and app is - If there’s a connectivity issue in any of the device and it tries to reconnect without logging out of the room, it stops showing the video on the other devices when reconnected. So every time it needs to leave the conference by pushing Hangup button and re-enter the room from the beginning. It is Confirmed & Tested on mixed Mode.


Do you experience the reconnect problem if you try the same scenario with the app?
I know that currently we are working on similar issue.


Yes @damencho… there’s a reconnect problem and sometimes both the parties needed to hangup and re-join the room again to see each other on video. I hope this will solve out soon. Encountered problem both on App & Desktop Website.


Can you briefly describe the steps you do to reproduce it?


@damencho… I will give a pilot test n upload a complete report on it. For now, it is working fine and apps mostly do work well …even we don’t get full fps on browsers. So I will do test on 100 sessions initially n give you report on it. :hugs:
I know till then several issues will be sort out and new updates will be there.