[SOLVED] Can't record using Jibri anymore

I’m running Jitsi (jicofo + videobridge + jibri + meet) on a dedicated VM, installed from source using current git master.
Until recently, everything was working nicely. But since I’ve updated last week, I have a problem with recording : I can’t switch the “Save recording file locally (Beta)” button off, so I can’t use Jibri anymore. Jibri is running and registered, as I can see in my logs

juil. 20 17:25:10 jitsi jibri[33936]: INFOS: Joined MUC: jibribrewery@internal.auth.visio.example.org
juil. 20 17:25:10 jitsi jicofo[919]: Jicofo 2022-07-20 17:25:10.953 INFOS: [40] [type=jibri brewery=jibribrewery] BaseBrewery.addInstance#341: Added brewery instance: jibribrewery@internal.auth.visio.example.org/jitsi.example.org
juil. 20 17:25:10 jitsi jicofo[919]: Jicofo 2022-07-20 17:25:10.954 INFOS: [40] JibriDetector.onInstanceStatusChanged#98: Creating a new instance for jibribrewery@internal.auth.visio.example.org/jitsi.example.org, available = true

But in a meeting, when I start to register, the prompt has the “Save recording file locally (Beta)” on, and clicking on it has no effect.
I’ve made no modification of my conf. The local registration is working, but not that user friendly (as user has to select the Jitsi tab

Even if I set localRecording.enabled to false in meet’s config.js, it still only allow local recording. Any way to handle recordings with Jibri ?

Have you tried localRecording.disabled: true and recordingService.enabled: true?

Configs may have changed recently.

You’re right. Using Jibri now requires to set recordingService.enable to true. I can now start recordings with Jibri again (still have a problem with its metadata.json not containing the email of the moderator, on which I was relying to send an email notification, but this is another problem :slight_smile: )