So Is this the company that does Jail video visits for Texas, is it fixed... video visits

I am told …if I am wrong, I am very sorry, this is the company that does video visits. There are hundreds of people needing this service… it is broke? I have had several visits canceled cause of tec problems, and I am out of state, so I need more then one video visit… help?

Hi @MaRya this is an opensource project which can be used by anyone. In the past I think I have seen that it is used in Texas for some visits, and saw that it was using a pretty old version of the software that no longer works due to changes in the browsers. It is up to those that are using and deploying our software to update it and keep it working, there is nothing we can do other than help them if they come here in the forum and ask questions about it.

Nothing i can do except wait then?

Ask them to fix it …

Its a state wide problem… i think they just figured it was a problem not sure
Sorry to bug you all

I have, I don’t know if they know how. Its affecting familys of the inmates and its very sad

If this is the case forward their support here to get some help.

You can also use it is free and does not require any additional software.