So close, Ubuntu 18.04 install, Certificate name mismatch

I can get it all to install, only problem is that post installation the certificates are incorrect, the script “” is finding the wrong domain name, not idea why, or from where. Any ideas?
Thx, J

Is your system hostname set up properly to match the DNS records?

I"m not quite sure, how would I find out? I know what my system hostname is, but where would it get dns records? Thx. J

Did you follow the Quick Install guide?

That covers setting the hostname.

The Let’s Encrypt script in the Jitsi-meet package grabs the system hostname and feeds that into the certbot script. If it doesn’t match, things won’t work. You could get a cert manually yourself, or just fix the hostname issues.

So if your system is at, your system should report hostname as - and then the script should do the right thing.

I’ve used it many times, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. Just checked again and the /etc/hosts file contains localhost

however when the install package runs it find something, an old setting for for the host name and it appends something onto like and I have no idea where it is coming from?

What’s in /etc/hostname?

If you’ve not done an apt purge jitsi-meet, you might try that too. I’m not sure what gets cached if stuff isn’t fully removed.

You could always grep -r in /etc and /usr/share, see if you find where newhost is coming from.

cat hostname

From the setup guide:

" If the machine used to host the Jitsi Meet instance has a FQDN (for example ) already set up in DNS, /etc/hostname must contain this FQDN; if this is not the case yet, change the hostname."

Try setting that to the proper full domain name, reboot, and see if the Let’s Encrypt script behaves properly.

debconf-show jitsi-meet-web-config | grep jvb-hostname

That should also show the proper domain name, as this seems to be where the script is pulling the hostname from. So you might need to reconfigure jitsi-videobridge after changing the hostname, or play with the

line in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config