Sneak Preview - The Amazing New Jitsi (soon to come...)

Got a preview of what’s to come and I almost shed a happy tear. I’ve been debating sharing this because I don’t want to take away the joy of this announcement from the dev team when everything is ready. But I’m soooooooo excited, I just can’t keep this to myself. Forgive me, Devs.

Look at all the amazing-amazement (yes, I know… lol) that’s on the way! Folks, that’s a REAL virtual background, y’all! And there are options to choose from, with, I believe, the ability to even add your own background. Honestly, this is amazing!

Check out the new toolbar - plain exquisite! And see the new options to disable video on each tile? Oh, be still, my heart!

So now you see why I’m so fiercely protective of the dev-team here? This is why the entitled whining of freeloaders irk me to no limit. These guys are working-WORKING! Ya hauuuuurrrd???

THANK YOU JITSI DEV TEAM!!! Who is loving you long time is me! :heart_eyes:


Here is my first reaction.

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Exciting times!!! Well done!!! I do truly appreciate all your hard work into making this already great product even better!! Keep up the good work.

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Awesome work boys and girls!! :clap: super excited!!!

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Please do be protective !

And thanks to all of you !

To me Jitsi already had a great interface, amazing it could be improved on.

Looking forward to implementing and using the new interface and any new features that make it into the next production release.

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