SNAP/WEKAN uses over 100 percent CPU

Hello, I have installed jitsi meet on VM with official jitsi installation guide. the specification of my server is:
os : ubuntu 18.04
cpu: 8 core
RAM: 42 gb
I have installed just jitsi on this server, but I don’t know why snap/wekan is always use more than 100% cpu resource.

That process. has nothing to do with jitsi.

Thank you damencho.

Just to add to what damencho already pointed out, if you’re using “top” (looks like you are), the CPU% you see is actually not directly indicative of % total CPU usage. In this instance where you have 8 cores, 138.3% is ACTUALLY just 17% of your total available CPU power. “top” (and “htop”) adds up the actual cpu usage numbers for the processes (on an individual scale of 100), but (misleadingly) presents them as a % value at the top, when in fact, it’s just the total. To get the actual percentage, you divide the number shown by 800 (in your case, because you have 8 cores, with each core being 100) and then multiply by 100 (for the %).

thank you for sharing your info and knowledge.