Smtp option

is there any internal SMTP configurations? Am I missing something?
thanks for great product!

What for?

right now I dont see any place to insert SMTP credentials and allow to send invites via SMTP relay.
Is this a feature request?

jitsi meet is a web application and as such can’t directly send emails so as a feature request this is doomed.

what about the underlying OS ubuntu there is no bridge between jitsi and ubuntu that can exist allowing a smtp relay?

There is already an option to send it through email:

You can use your default mail application to send the emails …

right I see that option but what about a internal option that requires SMTP relay? User enters the email to send the invite and then it uses a relay to send it out–make sense?

There is no such option and I don’t think this feature belongs to jitsi-meet. Sending emails and using SMTP is the responsibility of the email applications, so just having a button that will launch those is more than enough.

i respectfully disagree, it is much easier for the user to be able to manually enter a email and then press the send button via jitsi meet and then the email invite is sent…lets say they have a need to send 20 invites, surely it would be efficient.

This is what is already implemented, you click a button in the UI an email app loads with e pre-filled text, you type few emails, and click send.

If you really need implementing a mail sending app in jitsi-meet, you can try adding it, but I don’t see that feature to be added to the official repo.
And mind that opening a random port and address from a js web application is complicated, so make sure you check that first.

yes, I understand the email app loading, I am tracking on this feature.
However, if a user, myself included would be able to manually enter a email address and then press send and then the invite goes out via a SMTP relay, not using gmail or local mail client. Surely I am not the only one to see this as convenient? Wordpress has SMTP relay plugins since emails are rejected often if they come from the local OS.

I can offer some help if anyone wants to look into this further.

you are talking about something much more involved than a quick send email function. Using Google mail was much easier for the Jitsi project because much of the ground work was done by Google. Calling into a software library is much easier than writing and maintaining it yourself.

yes well I think it would be convenient just another request for it showed up in forum.

I still do not understand what is the difference between what you are proposing and using the default mail client on the user’s computer?
The feature that currently exist is equivalent to what you are proposing. The only difference is that the window you enter the emails is the default mail app of the user, which he is used to. You click, you see a new dialog, you enter one or several emails and you click send. If you implement this in jitsi-meet, this will be the same - you click, you see dialog - you enter emails and click send.
SMTP have many options like tls, ports, username and passwords … you better leave those managed by the app that its job is sending emails.

  1. default mail client/yahoo/gmail/outlook-works as advertised, I agree
  1. a pop-up box where a user inputs a email (example: and then presses send and the meeting invite with the link will be sent via SMTP credential to or whatever email is inserted.

I understand the default options, however, the current options do not use the capabilities of the underlying OS they all go outside the OS.

technically it would be some form of data entry-cause and effect.

That is not true, if you mail app is configured to use it, it will use it. All that jitsi-meet do is set params to the mailto: link, if you are using Thunderbird and that is your default app for sending emails that handle the mailto links and you have configured whatever SMTP you want with all the credentials and so … it will use it … this is a standard way for websites to send emails and it is up to the user to manage its OS and choice of default apps.

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