Smartphone (and other devices?) cannot access server

That is my IP there.

What did you set as the Jitsi address during the installation?
Is it or something likes or …?

Could the hosts file be wrong?

TCP/80 and TCP/443 are not accessable from the outside for this address.
And check the UDP/10000 too

sudo ufw status verbose returns ALLOW IN From Anywhere for those (80/tcp, 443 tcp, and 10000/udp).

But just in case I ran the commands again.

The firewall between Internet and your local network…
Not the server’s firewall…

Sorry, I am not very knowledgeable. Do you mean the the router firewall? If so how would I check that? I already made all the recommended changes to ufw, so I thought that would work.

Depending of your setup, you probably would have to connect to your local router interface to allow some port forwarding.
You can check if port are open and forard to a server using tools such as

Yes, the ports show as closed. I will try to unblock them in the router settings.

OK. Now I have 80 and 443 forwarded, but it appears that 10000 is not. I still cannot access it from other devices, but now it works in Firefox on the server (it did not before; only Google did).

All right. So now people on non-local networks can join meetings, but they tend to be disconnected frequently and participants cannot see or hear any other device.

I corrected the local IP address in the sip-communicator-properties, and now some people can see video and hear audio, but they still get disconnected, and the Android and iOS apps still do not seem to work.

Actually almost done, now only devices connected to the local network and apps do not work.

if udp 10000 is not forwarded, then when more than 2 people video cannot works for people outside your network.
Except if you setup the coturn server, but that is yet another story :wink:

Also regarding people inside your network, can you double check the IP that you have for :

if should be your local server IP

No. it is clearly forwarding now. It works with 3 people with 2 outside the network. Also, the server IP is correct. It is the output of host name-I | ask '{print $1}'. With regard to the applications, I think the problem may have to do with the SSL certificate. I have heard that the script on the site does not quite work. Do you know how to fix that?

Do you know how to get a certificate that will stop mobile apps from disconnecting, though?

oh yeah, it looks like you are using a self signed certificat.

You should be able to get a new one using ‘certbot’

I tried to run the script in the setup guide, but it did not fix the problem.

what did you run exactly ?
By the way, h ow did you installed jitsi ?

I used this: sudo /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/ And I installed jisti with apt-get.