Smartphone (and other devices?) cannot access server

I am running jitsi-meets on my local device, with an associated domain name for other devices to access it. I can open up a number of instances in separate browser tabs without any issue, so calls with multiple participants work , but when I go to the site on my phone, it does not load.


Is you phone connected to your local network ?

Yes. I want people from outside the network to be able to connect as well, though.

I have a website and I would really like to get the chat working. I thought I had followed all the instructions for firewalls and so forth. I also am having the problem now that does not show more than two participants, although they are all local instances.

Looks like an issue with the video bridge to me. Is is still running ?

How would I test that?

Is the host address resolvable from the outside and the inside of your network?

When I enter the associated url in the browser, it only works for the server itself. Not even for other devices on the local network.

The host address should be resolvable for the participants too

The participants are just separate tabs on the server. I have not been able to get it to work with other devices yet.

The host address should be resolvable for the participants too

I agree with @emrah. where did you setup your domain name ?
In a public or private dns ?
if private, are the other devices successfully using it ?

I set up my domain name with NameCheap. So public, I think. I have the server’s IP entered in there.

I could provide some logs if that would help.

Use the following command from a client device to check DNS A record


OK. But as you know, right now only the server can run any clients.

Because it can resolv its own address

I ran it in an online Linux terminal and it said:

Not sure if that provides any help? Also, for what is is worth, now I can have more than two client instances with video. I guess it fixed itself in that regard. But I think they are still limited to the server.

This is the NameCheap IP. It seems that you have not a DNS A record for your server

This is what NameCheap shows.