Slower loading time and less number of concurrent users streaming

I’ve setup a self-hosted jitsi server on aws ec2 container service with t3-medium instance having 5gbps bandwidth.
The installation was a breeze but after installation, the static files served from the configured domain is loading too slow takes around at-least a minute or two. What could be the possible reason for it? FYI, I’ve checked nginx config with the static files gzip turned on already (the latest pull request has it merged).
Another problem I’m facing is, the people connecting to the server from the jitsi-meet UI aren’t able to see everyone on the conference. I understand that the software is configured such that it saves bandwidth. But is there any way to forcefully set video streaming on for all the connected people in the meeting, because the same happens even if everyone is on adequate bandwidth.
Please let me know your thoughts on this or solution if you found any.

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For those who are struggling with the above question, the thing completely depends on the server geographical location, uplink and downlink bandwidth. Number of concurrent users purely depends on bandwidth and if more number of users are needed in a conference add more number or JVBs.